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(44000 - Loire-Atlantique)   Rue Jean neau (Street) in Sables-d'Olonne. Actually, in 1505, Guillaume NAU constructed the first chapel built in Saint-Jean de Laneais in 1627. However, it can be asked whether the family name does not trace its origin, like many other family names, to the name of one of the communes of france, whose name is derived in a Latin form (neaux or even from several. Pont sur le Sornin. An ante-Roman sound with an uncertain origin, perhaps close to noue "rich and humid earth or from NOD, nodunum in Celt, "from on high or from noda in Latin "swampy place" (sometimes a pond).   The maternal great-grandmother of the Marshal of france, Jean-Marie de lattre DE tassigny (1889-1952 was Jeanne-Marie-Joséphine NAU, whose ancestor Pierre NAU (1657-1713) had been a farmer in Bourneau, in the district of Vendée. Évolution de la population   modifier De 1962 à 1999 : population sans doubles comptes ; pour les dates suivantes : population municipale. Déjà en 1906 (Ephémérides de Châteauneuf 1906, page 8). Votre aide est la bienvenue! la metisse st maurice les chateauneuf caen

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It classifies the NAU by chronological order of their year of arrival in America, indicates the place of immigration and cites within brackets, the year of the volume consulted:   1700 Pierre NAU, his wife and two children;. Return to main menu, nAU, naud, naudo, naul, nault, naust, naut, naux, neau, neaud, neault, neaux, NO, NOD, NOS, NOT, NOO and patronymic variations knowles, NEW, nowe, DEN(E)AU(LT labrie, labree.   Lac neault (Lake) in Upper Saint-Maurice honors the same Pierre-Calixte neault As we can see, all these sites, identified by their etymology, render homage to some NAU descended from our ancestor, François NAU, originally from turquant. Un chêne tricentenaire classé monument historique.   Haïti was the birthplace of at least two men of letters with the family name: Émile NAU (1812-1860 a journalist and historian, and Ignace NAU (1808?-1845 poet and story-teller. William filby and Mary.   Étienne François NAU, born in March 1869 in Candes (Maine-et-Loire france, married louise Ordway on Januraty fifht in Oakdale, USA. NAU; Baltimore, MD Casper NAU; Philadephia, PA Franz NAU; 48 years, Missouri Ludwig NAU; 25 years, New-York, NY Nicolaus NAU; 28 years, New-York, NY Johannes NAU; 30 years, New-York,. In honor of François naud, a pioneer in 1829 from St-Alban. NAU; Baltimore, MD Andr. la metisse st maurice les chateauneuf caen


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